Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend...

Summer is fast approaching FINALLY!!! We went camping at Poncho's Pond in Ludington over the weekend. This had been a long anticipated camping trip for the kids we started planning it when we got back from birch run in April ( we have to have something to look forward too.) Everyday for the past 2 weeks Hailey would ask are we going camping tomorrow, so needless to say they were very excited.. We wanted to try somewhere new and a little further away from home. A friend of ours had recommended poncho's. Beautiful park, we loved it. We reserved an extra night so that we could haul it Thursday night when there was less traffic and that way we could have it all set up so that when we got there Friday afternoon we could enjoy it. When we left Thursday night it was very warm and sunny here the further north we got it got cloudier and the temp was dropping, we were thinking great just our luck. By the time we had arrived the temp dropped 10 degrees. We get things all set up and took the kids to the indoor pool. We returned home and came back the following afternoon to perfect weather, sunny skies and very warm temps. In fact the kids were able to swim every afternoon in the outdoor pool for at least 2 hours, they had a blast. I would have to say that this was by far the best camping trip we we have had in a long time. Not because of the campground I mean we have fun when we camp at Silver Creek and Yogi but because it was the easiest with the kids, we were able to sit and relax without chasing kids, no crying fits, it was wonderful. Tyler had some friends that were camping there so he was out having a good time with them a lot of the time. He even slept over with them for a night. So we really got to concentrate on the girls which they loved. John took us on a 2 hour hike at the state park on Sunday morning which was fun but a lot of work. We did not realize all the hills that were involved. Poor John had to carry Hailey on a good portion of those hills. One of my favorite parts of the weekend was the camp fires. My girls fell asleep on each of us each night and John and I would sit and talk, something that we rarely get to do anymore with sports and with all the people in and out of my house every day with Daycare. It was so nice!! So here's to the start of warmer weather, sunny skies and making more memories with family!!


Kristin said...

I am so glad you guys had a wonderful time just being a family. I know you all lead these crazy busy lives with lots of "extra" people around. I am glad that you got some great Carnes family time in with WONDERFUL weather!!! Heres to a GREAT summer!!!

jennie said...


What a fantastic mini vacation! So happy that the weather was great too:)

Lea said...

Here's to ya camping buddy! ;-)
We too had wonderful camping weather and are looking forward to many more trips this summer.
Glad to hear Poncho's was so great - maybe we'll check it out sometime too.
You guys definitely deserve some family time and your kids deserve that "undivided" attention away from all the other kids they share you both with. :-)
Glad it turned out so wonderful!

Jodi said...

see, city camping isn't so bad! it doesn't matter whether or not you get full hook up, {well, it DOES but not for the OTHER important reasons} as long as you get the same quality is all that counts. {but, again, full hook up rocks} glad you had a great time.