Friday, May 8, 2009

Early Mothers Day card

So I received a very special Mother's Day card today from Miss Alli. This one is definitely a keeper, something that I am going to tuck away and show her someday later in life. I can't tell you how many pictures this girl has made me over the years, I think I have received as much stuff from her as I do from my own kids. She loves to draw and she is really good at it. I love how she sounded out my name. Also the three girls at the bottom are as follows: Mackenzie, Alli and Me, Too stinkin cute, So thank you Alli, you have no idea how much wonderful that made me feel after the week I have had. Also not to leave Isaac and Ash out they also gave me a very nice card and signed their names to it, Thank you TenBrink family for thinking of me as a second Mom. Love you all!!


Lea said...

LOVE IT!!! You should feel very blesse tomorrow on Mother's Day because you have more "kids" than anyone I know!! We're all fortunate to have our kids have a second family.


jennie said...

Wow, she is a really good little artist. Love it!
So many people I know have nothing but problems with their daycare. Your families are very very lucky to have you:)

Have a fabulous Mothers Day!

Mandy said...

What a sweetie! One question...the 3 girls that she they have boobies?? Looks like this little girl goes into great detail! hahahaha
Happy Mother's Day Shelly!!

Lisa said...

What a sweet card!! I just love when kids sound out spellings!!You are a wonderful second mother to all the kids you take care of and you are appriated more then you can even immagine!! Happy Mothers day!!

Kristin said...

Happy Mother's Day (again!)! Always know how much you are loved by all the TenBrink's. We are all very lucky to have you!!!

Jodi said...

Alli and her cards...aren't they all the bomb? She left 4 hand made books at my house, along with another reindeer...too cute. Hope you had avery nice Mother's Day.