Sunday, December 7, 2008

New church members and a bit of bragging about my son.

It's official, we meaning John and I along with the Palmers and my Mom are now members of our church. To think we have not even been attending there a year yet. It was such a busy day at church, I was sucked into doing the Advent reading and candle lighting with my Mom, my Mom did the lighting and I did the reading. Which I must confess I was a bit nervous about. I also had to go back up and read the scripture later in the service. I did not really give it much thought earlier in the week but last night I started feeling a bit anxious over getting up in front of everyone. All morning long all I did was practice to John and Tyler, (sorry guys, I am sure I drove you both nuts). I was so thankful when it was over with, John just could not understand why ME of all people would feel nervous about reading in front of everyone after all I talk everyones head off. I explained that the older I get the more I really hate the thought of everyone starring at me and I was certain I would mess up in some way, but thankfully it all went well and in all honesty it was not really all that bad. Pastor even asked me afterward if I would be willing to do it more. I'm a bit bummed I have to miss Tom and Lea having a turn next week. Good luck guys!!! Something else I wanted to share was about Tyler. He receieved two academic awards the day before Thanksgiving. I am so proud of that boy. We had gone to conferences a few weeks ago and he was struggling in two subjects all because of a one test in each subject. He was given the chance to retake each test and passed them both with A's. Which brought all his grades up to A's and B's. He amazes me each day, he actually loves to learn. He is full of questions and although sometimes I am annoyed with all his asking I am so very proud of him for wanting to know and fully understand everything. I Thank God for blessing me with him for a son!!!


jennie said...

I think I get more nervous as an sdult speaking in front of a group than I did in high school. The more you do it the easier it will get I am sure.

Congrats to that boy of yours! That is so fantastic. Hopefully this will give him the confidence to keep it up! As for all the endless questions, tell him to google it;)

Lea said...

AMEN!! Yes - it certainly was a busy day at church...and you did a WONDERFUL job with both readings. I had to chuckle because Ty just sat next to me reading his bible most of the time. He told me "my mom bought this for me". I thought that was sweet.
I too am sad you're going to miss our readings next week. I'm not nervous - but Tom's not too excited! HA!
Maybe I'll make HIM read the scriptures! Shhhh!!

Jodi said...

Congrats on becoming memebers! Good for you for speaking in front of the congregation. I'm sure you are very proud of Tyler. I remember you being worried last year about his grades. Yea for Tyler. What an accomplishment!

I also want to thank you for the Cars plate, bowl and cup set. Kyle loves his own special stuff and he loves cars! (and Cars) It was a thoughtful gesture much appreciated.

Kristin said...

GREAT for you! I hate speaking in front of others, especially reading. I always have. I was the person who would count ahead paragraphs in school to make shureI knew how to pronounce/read all of the words. Terrible reader, speller, talker!!!

Congrats to Tyler. You are both very lucky to have each other!!!