Monday, June 30, 2008

My Helper

My yard is really starting to come around. I find myself out there looking at everything several times a day. In fact Saturday morning John and I got up to go to a few yard sales and I find myself looking at everyone else's yard for idea's. It seems like everyday I have a new flower blooming. Sunday after church we worked in the yard, kids included. Hailey being Hailey wanted to plant something, basically anything she could get her hands on. She brings me this big weed. "Mama I plant this ok" Somewhere in the back yard I tell her. She starts to have a fit because she wants it around my flowers and whenever I tell Hailey No I swear she thinks it means whine more and Mom will give in. Hailey does not accept "No" for an answer. We are working on that but it is an every day struggle with her and I. So plant in hand she walks away or should I say stomps away. I thought that was pretty easy, she must be going to put it in the back yard, and I went back to weeding. A few minutes later John comes up to me and said I should go see what Hailey planted. I should have known that she would not give up so easy. She put her big beautiful weed right in front of my other flowers that I have been working on. "See Mama isn't it beautiful" What could I say, the girl is determined.....

Monday, June 23, 2008

Hailey is an official big girl...

This morning was a big moment for us. Kristin had asked if the girls wanted to attend "Church School" with her kids this week. The girls were thrilled, but I worried about how well Hailey would do leaving me. Kristin picked them both up and to my surprise Hailey walked out the door and never looked back. Is this my Hailey I thought? The girl who usually hangs all over me and never says a peep to adults. Kristin called me after she dropped them off and said she did wonderful, no tears, nothing. What a big relief but it also saddens me a bit, only because she is my last baby, luckily for me I still have plenty of other kids to care for around here. Thanks again Kristin for taking them and for the pictures.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

My All Star

Congratulations Tyler for making the All-Star team three years in a row. We are so proud of you!!!!

Sunday, June 15, 2008


Thursday, June 12, 2008

My New Hobby...

So I have been literally busting my butt, these last few days planting. I am not much of a green thumb at all, as most of you already know. I just have never had the time or the patience. After a trip up to my Mother in Laws to see her beautiful gardens I suddenly became inspired. The next time I take a trip up there I will bring my camera, it is truly an amazing sight. I was overwhelmed with all the flowers. She asked if I would like some of hers since she has so many and I was like yes of course. I thought it would be a while before we started, boy was I wrong, the next morning she was dropping off a load on her way to work. I could see that I had a lot of work cut out for me. I had no idea what I was planting, she would tell me but it seemed like right after she would leave I would forget everything she had said. My mind was literally running in circles, I needed to learn quick, so with a lot of phone calls and running back on her lunch hours and after work, slowly I actually started learning the names of the plants and flowers I was planting. I even researched them online at night (instead of being on MySpace) to actually see what the flowers would look like after they bloomed. I would start at 7am in the morning before my kids would come, and just keep running out with every chance I would get, luckily for me I had a light first part of the week. John actually helped out with lunch and watching them all in the back yard so I could get all this done. I did this for three days. I feel like an old women, taking motrin for my aches and pains. I can see how this gardening can become very addictive, I was even dreaming about planting. My husband thinks that his mother and I are totally off our rockers, all the calling we do back and forth. I must say even though it is a lot of work I really enjoy it and she has given me the rest of the week off because I need to get the trailer ready for camping, but next week we intend on filling in the bare spots and looking at what can be done in the back yard. I can't wait to see some flowers bloom.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Boy's Health Class

You know that you are getting old when your son comes home with his first health class pamphlet. A few weeks ago Tyler brought home a permission slip to take a health class, I figured if they needed permission that it must be pretty important, so I sign it and never really mention it to him. He came home on Monday all red in the face holding this book. The first thing out of his mouth was Mom they made us all say puberty and penis. I'm like wow slow down here, I look through the pamphlet and I am instantly embarrassed I was like Tyler go talk to your Dad. They had a diagram of the boy parts, and me never growing up with brothers I am just so unsure how to talk to him about that. He then tells me and I quote " Oh Mom you know when I tell you it is standing up, thats called an erection". I about crawled under the couch, he really thought I had no idea. And to those of you who don't know the story behind "it's standing up" when Tyler was about 5 or 6 we were in Sam's Club shopping and he starts jumping around saying Mommy it's standing up, what do I do?? I wanted to laugh and cry all at the same time, was this normal I wondered at his age? I even asked the doctor who once again thought I was crazy, yes that is very normal he reassured me. But still how do you talk to your son about these things? I can't believe that they are teaching about this stuff in 4th grade he is still a baby to me. I am so not ready for this.....

Monday, June 2, 2008

This is why I love kids...

Spiritual Surprises

This weekend brought many spiritual surprises. Twice I can honestly say that I felt my faith reaffirmed. The first was Friday night, I was running all over town delivering cookie dough, my aunt had called me earlier to tell me that my uncle has gotten worse mentally once again, and was on his third day without eating. Everyone is getting so frustrated with this man, because his illness is something that none of us can possibly understand. I called my Mom and she went to see him after work. He made no eye contact and only answered yes or no questions, my Mom left his house Friday night just bawling. I went to see John at work because that is where he basically lives lately and the whole time something is telling me to stop at my Uncle's house on the way home. I am trying to convince myself no, it's to late, I still have to stop at Meijers, my kids are so tired they just want to go home. So I tell myself driving home nope there is nothing I can do for him I am just going to go to Meijer's and go home. Next thing I know I am headed to his house. I then start to say things to him that just flew out of my mouth. He made very good eye contact with me, smiled and said hi to my kids. I stayed for about 40 minutes, begging him to just eat and to please get better. I don't usually talk about God with others unless it's brought up and my uncle thinks that churches are cults and does not have God in his life so I never talk about that kind of stuff with him. For some reason that is all I could talk about with him and he seemed to be actually listening which was amazing. I left there crying and unsatisfied because I was looking for an instant break through. That night it was my kids who wanted to pray for him. The next morning my sister calls to tell me that my Aunt called her and explained how she talked to him and had a break through, he talked back and he actually ate something. I felt a bit that I had a hand in that, I felt like God wanted me there with him Friday night and was telling me not to give up on him. The second was Sunday morning, debating whether or not to go to church because John worked the night before and he needed to sleep, Tyler informed me that he did not want to go because he was bored there and he wanted to stay home with his Dad and wait for him to wake up. So the girls and I decided to go. On the way there I started thinking maybe I am pushing John and Tyler to much to attend church, John says he like to go but he is not into it as much as I am. Tyler is at that age where he is just like falling asleep during the message. So fast forwarding my story we are in church I was kinda spaced out looking out the window, having a very hard time paying attention myself. The pastor starts talking about how he feels the need to share a story that just came to him this morning about when he was about 11 years old. He starts to explain how he used to dread church as a child, his parents always made him go and on occasion something would get his attention and he would actually learn something, and the older he got the more he understood and was so thankful his parents made him attend. Then he wanted to thank a certain person in the church for attending most Sundays even though he works 3rd shift at Meijers Saturday nights. I felt like God was using him to tell me not to give up on John and Tyler, not to give them the ok to stay home while the girls and I attend. I left church that day feeling so close to God and so renewed. So I came home and informed John and Tyler that they were not getting off easy anymore... It's funny how when you are looking for spiritual signs we can't always see them but just when you are unsure of things he makes a presence in your life and makes you feel like everything is going to be ok and to just trust in him...