Monday, June 23, 2008

Hailey is an official big girl...

This morning was a big moment for us. Kristin had asked if the girls wanted to attend "Church School" with her kids this week. The girls were thrilled, but I worried about how well Hailey would do leaving me. Kristin picked them both up and to my surprise Hailey walked out the door and never looked back. Is this my Hailey I thought? The girl who usually hangs all over me and never says a peep to adults. Kristin called me after she dropped them off and said she did wonderful, no tears, nothing. What a big relief but it also saddens me a bit, only because she is my last baby, luckily for me I still have plenty of other kids to care for around here. Thanks again Kristin for taking them and for the pictures.


jennifer said...

It is so bittersweet. I sometimes hate that it is our job as mothers to teach them independence. I always feel like I am not ready yet!!
She is such a sweet girl. You are a GREAT mom teaching her to spread her wings. Even just a little bit:)

Life in the Fast Lane said...

Great job Hailey!! She is really coming out of her shell lately. This morning when I got there she was singing and dancing along with the songs. She is such a cutie! Our girls sure are growing up shelly~L