Friday, March 21, 2008

My Invitation....

Here is a copy of just one of the email invites I have been receieving. On April 9, 2008 will make the five year mark of the fall of Baghdad, obviously I will not be attending but it is so nice to know that our hero's are still being recognized.

The National Observance to Remember Iraq Liberation Day

9 April 2008

The Host Committee for the

National Observance to Remember Iraq Liberation Day

Major General Francis D. Vavala, USA , Chair

Adjutant General , Delaware and

President, Adjutant General Association of the United States

respectfully request the honor of your company for

The National Remembrance to Honor America ’s Fallen Heroes.

Arlington National Cemetery

Section 60

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

4:15 p.m.

ANC Main Gate Opens AT 3:45PM

(On-Time Arrival Requested)

An Evening Serenade and Dinner to follow –

(Location to be announced).

April 9, 2008 marks the 5th Anniversary of the Fall of Baghdad . Please, join the Host Committee, comprising the Adjutant General of the United States , as Americans commemorate the sacrifice of our Fallen, and as we celebrate our Armed Forces, our troops our veterans, our military families. The families of our Iraq and Afghanistan fallen heroes, who lay at rest at Arlington National Cemetery , are especially warmly invited to this observance, as we pay special tribute to them.

In celebrating the hope given to the Iraqi people because of the courageous actions of the Armed Forces of the United States and Multinational Forces, we honor those, who have made this possible, especially those, who have given their lives for freedom.

Freedom for our families in the United States and Freedom for the families in Iraq, our women, men and, above all, our children – America’s future, Iraq’s future. Our shared future. As H.E. Mr. Abdul al Qadir al Mufriji, the Iraqi Defense Minister stated, upon presenting the Iraqi Defense Ministry Plaque to America ’s Iraq Fallen in a ceremony at the U.S. Capitol, 6 March 2008: “As Iraqis, we are eternally grateful to America ’s fighting sons and daughters for restoring to us the dignity of a free people. America ’s fallen heroes, along with their fallen Iraqi comrades, may have been robbed of their future, but in laying down their lives they have handed us ours. We shall remember them, their names forever inked in the history books of the new and democratic Iraq .”

A Joint U.S.-Iraqi wreath-laying shall mark the highlight of the National Remembrance, with H. E. Mr. Samir Sumaida’ie, the Ambassador of Iraq to the United States , confirmed as principal celebrant. States Ambassador Sumaida: “There is no ceremony capable of adequately conveying the gratitude of the Iraqi people for the American men and women who have sacrificed their lives for the people and freedom of Iraq . Iraqis will be eternally grateful. These heroes shall never be forgotten.”

Americans are called upon to join in a MOMENT OF NATIONAL REFLECTION on 9 April 2008, 5PM, EASTERN DAYLIGHT SAVINGS. As the sun sets across the National Remembrance at Arlington National Cemetery , the Dutch Carillion striking the hour, Americans are called upon TO HONK THEIR CAR HORNS in celebration, honor, and recognition of freedom and all those who have made it possible! We encourage you to have your local churches ring their church bells, LET FREEDOM RING!


Anonymous said...

What an HONOR to have been the receipient of such a wonderful invitation. I know you, your family and mostly Steph are forever grateful for our soldier's sacrifices and very proud of Todd. It would be a once in a lifetime event to be able to attend something like this - wouldn't it? WOW! I pray you guys are blessed with a wonderful Easter weekend and rejoice in knowing Todd died for those of us who can live in the land of the free!!
May God bless you all!!
Love ya's!!