Wednesday, November 7, 2007

My Life/ My Morning

So my mornings are very hectic as most could imagine. I am up at 6am most days and my first kid arrives around 6:30. With this in mind I try to lay out my kids clothes the night before and make their lunches, even by doing this I am still pretty pressed for time. I wake them up at about 7am. My son is pretty easy to get up he never usually gives me a problem, it's Miss Mackenzie I worry about. I'm very careful of how I wake the child in the mornings. I usually lay in bed with her and snuggle and ask her what she wants for breakfast, I have learned not to assume she wants waffles because that is what she eats 99.9% of the time, but the minute I assume that's what she wants and make it for her she will want something else believe me I've learned the hard way. Anyway I basically kiss her sweet butt because I don't want to argue with her before school. I do alot of tongue biting. Well this morning it was Tyler's turn, everything I did was wrong. I layed his clothes out last night so he had all night to see what I picked out for him, so after getting out of the shower this morning he comes stomping out, Is this what I am wearing? It was a very nice button down shirt, something he has worn many times before, but today he tells me it looks stupid and something he would wear for pictures. Okay I say pick something else out that you would like to wear. He storms off, like I am lazy or something, I mean come on I guess I am just supposed to run and pick out something else for the boy. Times ticking I remind him, he still needs to eat. With that statement he rolls his eyes. I'm really feeling the love at this point. Then he starts blow drying his hair which he calls me in for my help. I guess I can't do that right either because he re-wets it and drys it again. By this time I am ready to flip out Kenzie is going nuts because she is waiting for me to do her hair, Hailey wants her breakfast and I am dealing with day care kids. As I am putting them on the bus I'm thinking Vegas can't come fast enough. Aunt Steph & Nanny I will be thinking of you both next week because all this will be your problems. Good Luck you will need it!