Monday, November 26, 2007

My Life/ My Girl

This morning I was writing in another fallen soldiers guestbook this one is from our area. As I am writing to this family I could not help but cry. I often cry when writing in these guestbooks but I think it hit me hard because this Soldiers body is being brought in the same way as Todd and visitation is at the same funeral home. I was just imagining how his family must have been feeling at that very moment. Getting up and getting ready to go to the airport. That was us months ago. Mackenzie who is usually a tad bit grumpy in the mornings, comes up and cuddles on my lap as I am typing. Not even knowing what I am doing she asks are you crying because you miss Uncle Todd. I said yes and told her what I was doing. I showed her a picture of the young man that was killed last week. she then got up and went to get a picture of Todd. She informed me that when she misses him she talks to his picture and it always makes her feel better, here Mom she said talk to him. You know what? I actually did feel better. Thank you Mackenzie. Before we got ready for the bus she wanted to listen to Todd's song which is God bless the broken road. So as we listened to his song we just snuggled. It's pretty amazing when a 7 year old helps her Mommy out. I am so lucky to have her.


jennschultz said...

You know, when ever I have looked into the eyes of one of my newborn babies I have had this feeling like they know all the secerets of the world and if I pay attention I might catch a glimps to the answer of so many of my questions. I often feel that kids still have a lot of this "Knowledge" and it comes through once in a while. Maybe its just instincts, I dont know, but it amazes me that a child knows what we need and what to say. We are so luck to have these mini-people in our lives!