Tuesday, October 7, 2008


I realize that I have not been blogging as much lately, I call this my quiet time, I go through these times when I get kinda stumped with what to write about. I have lots to say but not sure how to put it into the right words. My life is still the same busy life but for some reason this time of year (maybe it's the fact that I will be turning 32 in a few weeks) kinda gets me thinking. I am really missing my Grandpa right now, his birthday is the 12th of this month he would have been 74. Crazy to think that a year ago he was here with us and now I am missing the sound of his voice, I can only imagine what my Grandma must feel like. There is this empty space at sporting events, my kids birthdays and I sure it will be the same at the upcoming Holidays. We celebrated Emma's 2nd birthday Sunday. Last year on her birthday we were all still in a bit of shock from losing her father, and I just realized recently that the last picture that I took of my Grandpa was at Emma's 1st birthday last year. The picture was of John and him and it was a really good one. Shortly after that he became ill and we learned that his cancer had come back. He never made it to Mackenzie's party that year he was to sick. Little did I know, a few months later he would be gone. If someone would have predicted two years ago that I would have lost my brother in law and my Grandpa all in the same year I would have thought no way possible, but life is fragile as many of us are learning with age. We have our good times, but we also must endure the bad. I have gained a brother in law (Rich), a sister in law (Margie), a nephew (Alex), I am learning with age to treasure the good, because you never know whats around the corner. My sister Katie just informed me that I am going to be an Aunt yet again. Her and Rich are expecting and could not be any happier. Congrats to the both of you. The same day Katie starts spreading her news they learn that Rich's mom has Cancer. Katie's first OB appointment falls on the first day of Becky's chemo. Please keep Rich's Mom and family in your prayers. Katie also learned her due date yesterday, she is due June 11th, which is Todd's birthday, life can be a bit strange huh? Speaking of Todd, his sister and her three beautiful kids attended Emma's birthday, her youngest son Kevin looks identical to Todd. It's a bit overwhelming to see so much of Todd in him. I am so grateful that I have become closer to God, because if there is one thing I am sure of, there are reasons for all this good and bad in our lives we may not see them now but they are there. So when you feel stressed about money, gas prices and all the other economic crap, take a breath and look around, it is written all in our children's faces especially in their smiles. I am learning that life is not about what you have but who you help and who you are there for. A saying that I heard in church Sunday. P.U.S.H it means Pray Until Something Happens. Be thankful for today, I know I am!!!


Theresa said...

Losing someone close is hard and 2 in the same year is even harder. August 31 2007, I lost my Grandma, who was in GREAT health. I think she died of a brain hemeroage(sp??). But that goes to show you, that you are correct, live for today with the people you love; you never know what tomorrow will bring!

As for the news of your sister and her due date, that is also my birthday!!! and Congrats to you Aunt Shelly!

Thanks for the P.U.S.H.!!! I really like that I am going to have to remember that one!

Take care and remember the GOOD times and the Happy times with your Grandpa and Todd!!! Those memories will live on with your family!

Anonymous said...

You have spoken right to my heart girlfriend!! I too have learned (especially over the past year) that life is not measured by materialistic items, but more so by the amount of people you have touched. I've been missing out on church because of other weekend getaways and we will once again be missing this week. I'm really looking forward to the following week when we'll be there again. And don't worry about falling silent for a bit - there's nothing wrong with taking time to reflect and refresh.
Love ya!

jennie said...

I've miss you!

I love that you are back and you are writing from your heart.

Congrats to Katie! June 11th was my Mom and Dad's wedding anniversary and I truley think in so many ways fate (GOD) is speaking to you family. And I know you are listening.

Life in the Fast Lane said...

What a great post Shelly. The last couple of years has brought alot of changes for your family. Some happy and wonderful, others unfortunetley very sad. Although I know that there are still sad times I can see everyday how god is healing and strengthing your family. Now you are being blessed with a new nephew!
Love ya~L