Sunday, September 7, 2008

I spoke to soon...

Just as I am feeling relief about the school issue and life started feeling a bit calm again, my darling Hailey falls from out steps that lead up to our play area on our swing set and breaks her arm. YES BREAKS HER ARM... We had just gotten home from Mackenzie's game and I brought my nephew inside and my three kids go out to the back yard to play while we are getting ready to take them all out for dinner. Not even five minutes inside I hear this awful screaming and crying, I go running outside and Hailey has a mouth full of dirt and is holding her arm. At first John was sure that she had not broken it because she could move it, but I knew when she wanted to go to the doctor it must be bad, what four year old wants to go to the doctor. So off to the ER we go, I sat in the back trying to comfort Hailey as best I could, but she literally had all of us in tears, Tyler and Kenzie were all upset and crying. It is the very worst feeling in the world when your child is hurt and you can't take the pain away. The whole time in ER I felt like puking but had to remain strong for her. They took some xrays and determined that she broke it at her Elbow, which is a very painful break the doctor said, which explains why she was in so much pain. The wrapped it and we have to go back Monday to a bone doctor to look at and cast it, I am praying for no surgery. After the pain meds kicked in she was able to play but she is already sick of having her arm wrapped up. She slept horrible last night so I am hoping for a better night because we both need our sleep. I think back and still can't believe that this happened, I was just reading about Lori's daughter Gracie and how she broke her arm and had to have surgery and now a few days later, my own daughter breaks her arm. Go Figure!!!


Lori said...

I am completely feeling your pain, Shelly! I will be praying for Hailey tomrrow! As fas as sleeping... Gracie sleeps much better if her hand is up. We prop it between a couple of pillows. I hope things go well... Update us as soon as you have time!

Lori said...

At least we can be thankful that summer is over! Can you imagine this happening in June?!?! Gracie is already doing tons better today. I hope everything goes good tomorrow. I will be praying for Hailey. Update us as soon as you have time.

****Gracie sleeps much better with her hand propped up. We put her arm between two pillows so it can't lay flat and the swelling does all go to her hand....Maybe this will help Hailey too.****

jennie said...

Shelly! Oh my gosh! That poor baby.
I hope all goes well at the Doctor and things can heal for her as easily and as quickly as possible!