Monday, July 28, 2008

Can anyone relate???

~ I hate the price of gas, I never thought I would see the day when I would be happy to see gas at $3 a gallon. It would be awesome to see it even that cheap again.

~ I love being a Mommy, I never thought I could love 3 kids so darn much....

~ I hate that time goes to fast, especially vacations they seem to be over just as fast as they have begun.

~ I love that Tyler still needs me to comfort him when he is sick or when he has a problem, I don't know what I will do when I am not the only woman in his life, it scares me to think that far ahead.

~ I hate that because of the price of gas, the price of groceries have gone way up, like milk for example, it adds up especially when you are buying 8 to 9 gallons a week.

~ I love watching kids eat, just seeing them full makes me feel satisfied, weird I know..

~ I love that after 10 years of marriage my husband still loves to hold me and loves me even when I am at my worst.

~ I hate Cancer and wish that no one would ever have to endure pain and sickness, but I do trust that it is all in God's plan.

~ I hate that I am not a water person, I would love to just feel comfortable in it..

~ I wish I would play more with my kids, I sometimes feel so jealous of how John is just so able to play more with them, I feel like I always have to much to do.

~ I love the sounds of kids giggling.

~ I love watching John with our daughters, I wish I had that with my own Dad.

~ I hate seeing my kids sick or scared.

~ I love it when John and I lay in bed and talk, those are some of the best conversations we have ever had.

~ I hate feeling vulnerable

~ I love holding Hailey when she sleeps

~ I love that so many people trust me with their kids

~ I hate waiting in line for anything. I wish I had more patience...

~ I love watching Mackenzie entertain, she reminds me so much of myself at her age, but she is way more beautiful than I ever was...


Anonymous said...

Right on sister! You've said it all!! Keep up the awesome blogging!!

jennifer said...

Awwwww...that was so great!

You go through a lot of milk:)