Tuesday, October 23, 2007

My life/ Life has been busy

It occurred to me that it has been a while since I really wrote on this thing. I have been so busy it is hard to find the time to write. My son turned 10 a few weeks ago and my daughter turned 7 last week so I have been really busy with birthday stuff. Next month my husband and are going to Las Vegas for our 10 year anniversary. We never had a wedding or a honeymoon so we figure we kinda owe it to ourselves. My Sister will be staying with my kids so I know they will be well taken care of but I have never left them for a long period of time or never been so far away. Not to mention I have not been on an airplane in about 10 years so I am alittle nervous. I am looking forward to the trip but I also am having a bit of anxiety over it. One of the things that Todd's death has taught me {well one of many} is that life is to short to worry about every little thing. This is something that will be very good for me and it is something that I very much need to do. We never know what tomorrow will bring so we should enjoy our life while we can. My sister is finally starting to smile which is so nice to see. She was sleeping alot and was really depressed. But over the last few weeks she is starting to come around. I can't tell you how Happy this makes me. Life is moving forward, I know that there will still be bad days but I now see that we will all still have lot's of joy in our lives. And thats something to be very thankful for.


jennschultz said...

HI there! It is GREAT to here from you! There is NO way your kids are that old. Amazing. I love your blog. You and you family have been on my mind a lot the past several months and I hope you are all doing well. The stories and pics here you share are really great. Vegas baby? Awesome! You guys deserve it. We'll get our chance eventually. Can't wait to see photos from that trip!
take care, Jennie

jennschultz said...

btw...Happy Birthday!!!