Monday, July 2, 2007

My Life/ No more training wheels

We had another great weekend. We took the kids camping and although hectic we had Lot's of fun. My three year old Hailey had her moments but she really had a great time. My other daughter Mackenzie learned how to ride her bike without training wheels. My son learned at a much younger age but she just had no desire until recently. I feel like these kids are just growing up to fast now. Of course Hailey can't grow up fast enough (just kidding). I started letting my son ride his bike over to his friends house down the road. Of course I have to watch to make sure he made it, but for me that's a huge step. I am very protective of my kids, I get it from my own Mother. Tyler just started going to friends houses within the last year or so. The first time I dropped him off and left him to go to a birthday party without me was the hardest thing. I now realize that it is just something I have to do, I am actually doing more harm trying to shelter him. He will soon be entering the double digit's I have to cut the cord. My husband is having a tough time with it also. Tyler is not only his boy but he is his buddy, the thought of him spending time somewhere else without him really bothers him. But we will get through it. Every child must grow up. It is a given. My son also made the All star baseball team for the second year in a row, so we are very proud and excited for him.


Katie McKenna said...

I picked up Kaylibug for the summer. She's 9 . I won't let her ride her bike alone. Part of that is her lack of experience. I made her buy a new helmet since she forgot hers ( she has one at home and one at her grampa's ). Mainly though, I'm afraid of the drivers out this way... they simply race through at times including 18 wheelers .. and our roads are curvy.

I know her mum was riding to her friends' houses at this age. She agrees with me though. I allow Kayli to walk... lol..

So difficult to relax vigil ..The good part is I'm riding my bike more!

Mary said...

My husband has this system where he gives the kids freedom but they have to constantly check in. If they don't want to then they lose the freedom. It works for us.

Lee said...

It's difficult to let them go, Shelly...but look at it this're really not letting them're just lengthening the cord! ;)