Tuesday, September 1, 2009

I'm Back

So I realize that I have pretty much abandoned my blog this summer. But hopefully now that fall is approaching fast I can jump back on the blogging wagon. Summer has been so busy. I'm looking forward to hopefully slowing things down a bit (if thats even possible). Life has been feeling so crazy with school starting. I find myself waking up in the middle of the night unable to fall back asleep, worried about all the new changes. Tyler is starting middle school, Mackenzie is starting at Ealy and Hailey will be going to school all day at shoreline. This is nuts, I have no more babies at home. It does not feel right to me. Not to mention the looming heart issue with Mackenzie, some days I want to explode carrying the weight of all these worries. Ultimately I know things will work out, the kids will adjust to school, I'll adjust to them being gone during the day, and Mackenzie the most important obstacle right now will get taken care of. I can honestly say that when you think theres a possibilty of something being wrong with one of your kids it really puts life into perspective for you. I did nothing but cry for the first 3 days after Kenzies EKG coming back abnormal, I remember thinking life was so good, and now I'm worried about my girl having a heart condition. It was all I thought about, it has made me more patient, and more eager to express all my love to each of my children. I pray every day that she will be ok, and I know that ultimately it's all in God's hands. Some days are easier than others but on the flip side she is doing much better, her heart palpitations are not nearly as bad as they were, so in the mean time, we wait until the 24th, and pray for good news. So here's to my hopeful comeback to bloggerland..


Tallville said...

Finally! Welcome back : ) Everything is going to be great with Kenzie... I'm anxious myself,
'curious to see what comes of it.

jennie said...

Glad to see you back:)

If I havent already mentioned it on facebook, your girl is in our prayers. Hang in there until you get more information. Really hoping that whatever is causing the problems, is a quick, simple fix!

Kristin said...

WELCOME BACK!!! It is good to see you back on here. Try to worry about one thing at a time...I know easier said than done...

We keep Kenzie in our prayers everyday!!

Take care of youself and try to get some sleep:)!

Lea said...

Welcome if I can say I've been the best at blogging lately. You are a STRONG, caring, giving woman who bears a lot on your shoulders. It's hard to face changes of daily life, let alone things that are looming with Kenz. You're right to turn it all over to God and trust what He has in store. Things will work have to believe that.

And you will certainly still have babies at your house..not your biological babies, but the ones you and John care for daily. Your houseful of "surrogates"! ha!

Stay calm girlie..and we'll do dinner one night soon!